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"Discover how to stop putting out fires and generate hundreds of new patients each month" 

  • 1 Simple solution to building an effective practice that generates DOZENS OF NEW PATIENTS EACH MONTH
  • 5 Reasons PERFORMANCE REVIEWS ARE HURTING YOUR PRACTICE and the little known secret on what you can do instead 
  • How to empower employees to solve problems so YOU CAN STOP “PUTTING OUT FIRES” all day long 
  • How to DITCH THE FRUSTRATION AND AGGRAVATION of managing tasks and enjoy your business again  
  • How to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY OF EACH EMPLOYEE for a team consistently and actively working to improve your practice 

“Keith’s book provided us with a framework for our team-members to OWN problems in the practice and solve them, creating systems in the process! It’s a complete 180-degree turn from what was happening, with ME, the business owner (or my office manager), being burdened with every problem, and ultimately being forced to handle it. Often, in a manner, the staff would, at some level, disagree with. 

Now we are working at approaching problems as THEIR problems. They can have a major say in how they get resolved. We simply approve their solutions, or help them come up with a more suitable solution. It’s great! Morale is of course up because they are owning their job posts.” 

- Dr. Sean Tarpenning, DDS, Hebert Dental, Eau Claire, WI

"Our patients constantly tell us about our wonderful staff and that they tell all of their friends about us. Patient referrals have doubled since we started using Keith's system."

- Dr. Leonard Anglis, DDS, Implant and Restorative Dentistry, Crown Point, IN

"I can't tell you how good it feels to look forward to meeting with my supervisor for my Personal Development Interview as opposed to dreading a boring - or even humiliating - performance review. Knowing that my manager wants me to succeed and be an integral part of this company motivates me to put my best foot forward. A regular PDI keeps me on track with my goals, and it helps me to see the big picture. I feel like I am truly a part of a team and that I am being developed as a person and as a team member. I highly recommend this system of performance management over any other that I have encountered." 

- Jonathan Phillips

"Growth is inevitable for most professional firms. Management skills and tools are essential but, like marketing, there are no classes on this subject in law school. This is why Keith Lee's Performance Management System has been so valuable for our firm. It is built to be "plugged into" just about any business. Keith's product is not just for the managers or the business owner. He incorporates your entire team nad helps you get your message out to your employees in a fun, friendly and effective way." 

- Ben Glass